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Other Services for schools

Because we come from a school background we understand there are other services schools need.  You can use ICT to enhance the management of your school in a variety of ways.

Here are some.  If you want to explore others do contact us.  More thank likely we will do it for free in order to experiment with a new service for schools.

Maintenance of pre-existing Website - £499 pa

Contract us to provide the stability and support you need. Staff may change and skills go with them but ICTeachers is always here to update and maintain your site as well as advise on how to develop it. To take advantage of this stability contact us today.

Newsletter by email - £80 pa

We can set up a system that allows your parents and members of the wider/global community to receive your school newsletters or other alerts via email. They can subscribe or unsubscribe themselves leaving you to concentrate on sending out the information.

Email Discussion Lists - £80 pa

Want to have a discussion group using email?  We can set this up for you and hand over the reins.  Examples of groups we already run are for business travel based in LEA's and writers clubs.

Domain Names - includes free personal email account and web hosting

Registered with UKERNA and a member of NOMINET we can register your domains for you and give you a pop3 email address and space to go with it. Domains are free with web design.

  .org.uk  .co.uk £20 pa
  .ac.uk  .gov.uk £100 pa
  .com .org .net £30 pa

Other  options available

Online Surveys - from £120 per survey

Do you want to carry out a survey involving parents or local community but want an online element?  We will set up the programme for you using PHPsurvey and support you in setting it up.

Moodle Hosting

We provide the hosting and the moodle software, you provide the time and energy to develop the site. Moodle allows you to construct your own online virtual learning environment.  This is a good option for those willing to take the time to learn how to operate this sort of environment.  It can also work in conjunction with LAMS which is a free programme allowing you to build online e-learning objects. Check out the website http://www.lamsinternational.com/

Help and Consultancy

Do you need help with online safety, disability issues or just want some website consultancy? Email us for initial advice or contract us for a particular service.  We’re always happy to help colleagues.

Normally we will offer our free advice by email.

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